Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Talking Palm by Esther Jno-Charles

Source: Goodreads (First reads)
Category: Fiction,Autobiography  
Format: Paperback
Publication Date : March 21, 2011
ISBN/EAN13: 0982997701/9780982887707
Page Count: 262
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 5.5'' x 8.5''
Language: English
Categories: Fiction/Coming of Age
About the book:
Sheryl grows up in the Caribbean isle of Dominica believing in a cultural myth that a big bad man called a "skerrit" kills children who do not go to school. But a truant Sheryl thinks that can never happen to her until the day she learns that the " skerrit" has come to get her, and the frightened nine-year old faces a fate that she thinks no body can save her from. As Sheryl matures and encounters more powerful people determined to harm her,however, she fights back the best she can. One day, an unusually mighty friend whom she has been longing to see all of her life finally visits her land. But the excited twenty-year old  discovers that her friend;s landing is not what she had anticipated, and more than she expected. Stories of stormy as well as delightful coconut encounters in this novel are buried deep within Sheryl, until one college night, when a palm fruits starts her talking.(more)

My Review: 5 out of 5 stars 

I’m speechless but then again the talking palm made me talked as I discover and read through the sypnosis I already got a great feeling about it.I felt serenity from the features of the front cover and sensed a bit of darkness and excitement that lurks within the story the moment I saw the word childhood storms.I can’t wait to start reading and unravel all this I quote myself. I'm really touched,moved and inspired with the lovely protagonist Sheryl she's intelligent,beautiful,family oriented,values her sexuality and absolutely everything in life truly a wonderful role model of a child.But of course nobody’s perfect she also got her flaws which makes her relatable along with other characters in the story which will also make you laugh,angry,sad and tickle your senses.As I read through the pages ponder one chapter after the other it took me back to a place and time of my life where I thought am I the only one seeing this?is it just me or something’s wrong or wait a minute I know exactly like her/him that kind of moment that’s why  I loved this novel and the fact that I can vividly imagine all of them,relate to all characters,know where she's coming from,what's it's like being a child again in her point of view,eating all sorts of coconut goodies,growing up, facing lots of hardships, trials, shame, doubt, gossip, being down and discriminated by others etc. yes she's been through all that WOW! :O

This actually makes me feel that I'm not alone, I saw lots of similarities between her and my culture.I believe that within each and every single one of us lies a piece of or you could say a mini Sheryl. I’ve learned a lot from this novel like patience,family values, standing up for yourself, making a difference,follow your dreams,do what is right and lots more this also gave me the strength and power to move on, keep moving forward! From the beginning til the very end this book never fails to deliver a good life changing message I highly recommend this one truly a must read,have and share!


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