Wednesday, July 27, 2011

You Deserve These ^_^

Thank you so much MissGennD I can't believe I nailed six awards WOOHOO! \\_//\\_// cheers to that!

Rules for these awards:
  1. Link back and thank the person who tagged you.
  2. Post seven things about yourself and answer the list of favorite questions.
  3. Pass these awards to 15 bloggers.
  4. Notify the lucky bloggers who got these awards.
7 Facts about me:
  1. I love anything Japanese! 
  2. I'm caught in the HALLY-U WAVE 
  3. I'm ASTIG! (for I got astigmatism lol)
  4. I used to suck at drawing/cutting anything straight but due to summer bootcamp/rehab initiated by MissGennD(scrapbooking,everything diva extraordinaire) heck I can do it without any ruler/guide anymore I bet even blindfolded lol O_O   
  5. I'm currently exploring reading all sorts of genre when it comes to books, rekindling my long lost passion
  6. I'm no good telling english jokes :|
  7. When I made a bond/pact it last forever no matter what happens.
The Favorite Questions:
  • Name your favorite colors: 
    • Red,Green,Pink,Black,Gray
  • Name your favorite song:
    • December by Collective Soul
  • Name your favorite dessert:
    • Buko Pandan
  • What pisses you off:
    • Long waiting hours,No food,Liars, Pretentious bitches,Plastic,Back Stabbers,Social climbers, & Gold diggers..
  • When your upset you:
    • Curse, Sleep,Write on my journal,Play games, anything to keep my mind off the matter.
  • Favorite pet:
    • I don't have here right now but I love Cats(kitty,stray) and Dogs [Mutt(field dog),Labrador,German Shepherd]
  • Black or White:
    • Black
  • Your biggest fear:
    • The Ocean
  • Best feature:
    • My Eyes and Smile :)
  • Everyday Attitude:
    • Be Positive,Keep Moving forward!God won't give me anything I can't handle through him,in him and with him everything is possible A-ja!FIGHTING!
  • What is perfection:
    • GOD
  • Guilty pleasures:
    • Massage,Books,Food,Grand vacations...
There you go...some facts and favorites about me. Hope you can share a bit of yourself too~ 
Lucky bloggers who'll get to have this 6 wonderful awards (Kreativ, Top 10, Versatile, Lovely, Stylish, Butterfly). I'm passing these because I'd really like to know you well and be friends with all of you. And of course you deserve to have all of these awards!


Award Winners:

Summer~Red Star Pixie
Coral Russell ~Alchemy of Scrawl
Barbara~ Basia's Bookshelf 
Karla~Karla Reads
Melannie~Books Are Vital
Ottilie Weber~Ottilie Weber
Michelle~Fabbity Fab Book Reviews
Tricia~I write therefore I am alive
Shera~Book Whispers
Megan~Hardcover Feedback
Cassandra~Book & Movie Depository


  1. Hey kimyunalesca!
    Thank you, for these awards. I'll definitely treasure them.
    And hope you can know me better.
    -Cassandra @ Book & Movie Depository

    7 Facts about me:
    1)I love anything Japanese!Such a beautiful culture in my opinion.
    2) Love music
    3) Secretly want to be an artist. Don't know if I got it so I'll let you know.

    I'm currently exploring reading all sorts of genre when it comes to books. I dream are reading all the books in the world knowing it's impossible.
    Suck at making jokes but when I'm not trying to be funny. I come out as funny. Who'd a guessed, huh?

    The Favorite Questions:
    Name your favorite colors:
    Name your favorite song:
    Ride On A Shooting Star by The Pillows
    Name your favorite dessert:
    Chocolate Brownies.Mmmm....
    What pisses you off:
    Long waiting hours,No food,Liars, Pretentious bitches,Nosy people
    When your upset you:
    Sleep, watch t.v.
    Favorite pet:
    Black or White:
    Your biggest fear:
    Dying. The Unknown.
    Best feature:
    My Eyes and hair.
    Everyday Attitude:
    Keep going in life, you know. No turning back!
    What is perfection:
    Being Human
    Guilty pleasures:
    Books,Food,Diet. Dr. Cherry Vanilla, t.v.

  2. Thanks Kim these rewards are very much appreciated :)

    7 Facts About Me
    1.I am an avid reader
    2.i love video games
    3.Like Cassandra, I love everything Japanese
    4.My favorite music is Japanese and alternative rock
    5.I would like to write for a video game company when I am older
    6.I am horribly uncoordinated ha
    7. I love blogging :)

    Favorite Questions
    2.favorite song-With You ft.Me
    3.Favorite dessert-Apple Pie :)
    4.What Pisses You Off- Ignorance
    5.When Your Upset- I read ha
    6.Favorite Pet-Dog
    7.Black or white-Black
    8.Biggest Fear-Failure
    9.Best Feature- laugh
    10.Everyday attitude-do the best you can
    11.What is Perfection-GOD
    12.Guilty Pleasures-Reading and Watching Anime

  3. You're Welcome guys! you truly deserve these lovely awards I super love all your answers a lot of japanese lovers yay! BANZAI JAPAN! Keep up the good work! have a fantastic summer ^_^

  4. Wow, how awesome. Thanks! I will get to my answers as soon as humanly possible. :)