Sunday, July 24, 2011

Choosing the right technology/gadget

For me, I always consider specifications,features,hardware and affordability  of course I also got those list of questions in my head like do I really need it? do I really have to buy it now? do I just want it because (inserts why),but I usually go both ways or be patient enough to wait for the price to get any lower. Then the where can I buy it questions and what do I really want? well... for example when it comes to cell phones I want it to be multi tasking, mp3,radio,expandable memory card slots, at least 3.2 megapixels for pictures and video, then the basic call and text the other features for me are just a plus. It's very important for you to know what you want and need  and there's a great difference between the two.Since technology and innovation has been in non-stop boom! where every second,hour,day,month or year something good or better is offered to people in which we might all think we actually need but more likely we don't practically speaking. It's better to choose wisely when it comes in making good investment in technology go for the basics if you don't know anything on what you want to buy or where to invest go ask your family,friends,people whom you know knows a lot about it,go ask anybody if you don't know anyone,go look for reviews,search through the internet pages,just go out there and start asking.If you really want it there's lots of ways but if you don't then that's where the excuses come along. Just take your time in every decision that you make for every step is essential and life changing ^_^

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