Friday, July 15, 2011

Day 24 - A picture of something you wish you could do again.

Just in time for the Harry Potter 7 Finale Oh my! what a great way to start the summer! rendezvous with books,watching movies,staying up late at night,theme park hopping, all sorts of adventures and what a sweet sweet vacation indeed at Island of Adventure(Orlando,Florida)  Hogwarts, Harry Potter dreamland it's really the best out of all the places I've ever been XD
This Dragon Challenge Roller Coaster Ride is absolutely by far the most thrilling coasters I've ever been on.Front Row upfront and center(well I was on the far end side  but) yup! that's where all the action happens.I mean if you're going to wait for heck of a lot of time and want to experience a thrill of a lifetime then you better be on line at the front row it's worth the wait :) I literally drooled over laughing,gagging,screaming like a litlle girl especially the part where I thought we would crash on the other dragon coaster that's also coming towards us but then by that time it turned somewhere else Oh good times :))) and of course the BUTTERBEER! that taste like butterscotch (and a candy I used to buy at the mini stores) served cold like a frosty if you bought it in a souvenir mug then you could refill it with sodas anywhere around the park for as long as you like and PUMPKIN JUICE! (with an after taste and a strange brew in it)but  it's all good plus Oh yeah! it's really a dream come true for me. I kept track of the Harry Potter series all these's quite small and crowded with all the people of course but I'm really one of those happy fan coming into this Happy Place. Right in the Zone! Booyah! Harry Potter FTW!


  1. Hi!
    you have fun, eh! :D
    I do not know the butterbeer, but now I definitely want to try it!


  2. New reader here, hope you will come visit and follow me also :) Shauna from

  3. @ Luigi - hello!Thanks for dropping by..Yes,lots of fun! definitely a must-go,see & experience.The butterbeer is perfect for the hot weather.. let me know when you had one ^_^

    @Shauna - Welcome! for sure I will thanks for dropping by ^_^

    I'm really happy to have you guys around ^_~