Wednesday, July 27, 2011


It's tough to break through a cycle you've been used to since forever but a single step and change will immediately come its way.Time,everybody has it but not everyone is using it wisely as I often asked myself the same thing am I really?.Now,there are things I don't want to forget but in it's due course eventually expires in my case somewhat a simple yes escapes to such a reply hopefully somebody would be able to pick it up,remember or glue it's pieces back together,hold it dearly,read,experience,know and share the word or a simple reminder would do whatever it may be at least its somewhere out there along its way is I share and continue to write..a piece of me left coincidence?I think not there's no such thing as they use to say but who knows really...In life I believe all we want is the same thing HAPPINESS AND TO BE REMEMBERED acceptance(for some)  its definitely a plus.There's lots of ways to be happy like enjoying simple things,being thankful of what you have,cherishing every single moment of your life,coffee with a friend etc. being remembered may not or may take a different toll but usually capturing a moment either with a camera,video,in a book(writing or creating one),being part of somebodyelses life  the breakdown..good or bad,what you did,what difference you made,lives you touched,inspired and changed the list goes on.

What's your story?Do you want to be immortal?

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