Monday, July 4, 2011

Day 13 - A picture of your favorite band or artist.

I love lots of bands especially rock bands I grow up listening to all sorts of music genres ( I know a bit of every generation) but rock music is indeed very dear and close to my heart..hmm so why did I picked Limp Bizkit? well that's because his song Rollin was top of the chart way back when I'm still in 6th grade when all kids my age are singing M to M,Nsync,Spice Girls and Backstreet I'm tuning at the top of the list voting even hahaha! so for our music class presentation each student should sing any song they liked or loved and so I was at the very back the last singer where I have to endured listening to their Treat me like a rose song ugh I'm so sick and tired of that song maybe that's one reason I hate listening to boy's all sissy like and back then of course cool stuff are way better than ever! even up to know that hierarchy still remains and so I memorized every bit of the Rollin Song plus action interpretation all my classmates are at Awe and can't believe a girl like me just sang that hahahaha! let the good times roll and so they started following me,my likes,interest and all sorts I didn't do it for the rep. screw being popular I'm just being me.With or without the song I know they're all true and liked me as me. That's why I can't forget 6th grade and my very good friends.Love you guys <3
Oh Jhonny..I was really shocked at first when I found out Jhonny Depp was Jack Sparrow I hardly recognize him I was like  :O really speechless the way he act and portrayed the role was priceless...when he's in character he stayed on that zone for a very long time it did made a very lasting impression of him for me. Jhonny Depp FTW! 

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