Friday, July 22, 2011

Sonic boom & Refractive Error

Yesterday was one of the worst and best day of my life. Worst, because of the very unpredictable weather hot and cold which then triggers my migraine I'm not really sure if that was it or a refractive error or is it because I'm just hungry, low sugar circulating in my system either way my head is pounding like crazy,it was so terrible good thing I still managed to get out of the house nothing but fresh air.It was the Best, due to I've heard the sonic boom as the last spacecraft mission ended and landed safely by dawn then we went to the nearby beach in the afternoon,fresh breeze,bonding with my folks with a large italian spicy pizza,chicken wings, a liter of coke ah very refreshing as we watched over the sunset and walk on the shore it was really revitalizing before I knew it whatever it is I'm feeling terrible about inside suddenly subsides.We went home like Cinderella just before twelve midnight I'm so tired but I have to do and fix something can't barely speak and move yet I put all my power to have a couple of friendly conversations some ended up unexpectedly...I should really be getting more enough sleep these couple of months has been quite a rush so many things happened and severe stress taxed my body.My body clock timezones are all whacked but I'm lucky enough to have my family and friends on my side hopefully all goes well Oh year of the rabbit be nice to it's time to focus! ~_~


  1. Sudden weather changes, bizarre weather, etc...all those things trigger migraines for me too. But the rest of your evening made the world seem much better :)

  2. Oh no! you too Michelle :/ mine's quite a bit ok..manageable I guess.Thanks for dropping by ^_^