Thursday, July 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Wow I can't believe it's been a year since I migrated..time sure flies pretty fast when you're having fun ^_^ at first it started off really sllloooooow as I'm counting the days to months then I hardly notice it it's like I've been into fast forward with a couple of breaks to enjoy the whole ride and a bit of detours as well...OMG! yes of course some of my past experiences here are not at all fun there's a lot of bumps along the road,lots of revelations,true faces and intentions revealed,real motives deciphered and known, a bit of drama and all that  I know now where I stand not quite sturdy and stable yet but truly a lot of blessings in disguise. I've been quite busy with a lot of things sometimes busy doing nothing haha! a lot of thinking,studying and planning going on..not much action but it's worth it.I sometimes thought that the cycle or the rotation of the earth in this part of the world is really odd like eight o'clock for a sunset? wtf?wth???? O_O or dinner at seven o'clock in the evening and yet it's still quite sunny outside... 

I just hope that I'm using some of my freetime wisely..Oh time management..sometimes I feel twenty four hours and seven days a week is not enough for all my activities of daily living hahaha! but anyway I still had a blast,All praise and Glory to God what a fantastic year! I'm looking forward for more! I'd like to end it with a toast to 2011 half a year gone another half more for brilliant discoveries and for years to come we'll seize and cherish every single day!more power!good health!long life!

\\_//\\_// \_//\\_// \_//\\_// \_//Cheers everyone! Bottoms up!

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