Sunday, July 17, 2011


Yes! indeed I'm an individual prone to typographical errors that makes me human enough hahaha! it seems that it's occurring more often my mind knows what I'm suppose to encode and yet my fingers got it all wrong..
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 I do proof read my works but most of the time it's like my mind perceived the  correct word and yet it trailed off then got the spelling all wrong or I typed the other word with the same pronunciation and a different meaning ugh...ok a very good example...hmmm...during my essay way back high school I can't remember the topic but what I do remember is that I'm suppose to write TAUGHT but ended up writing THOUGHT how mindless of me so all the while I'm writing THOUGHT when it's suppose to be TAUGHT and you know what?I read that line over and over but my mind tricked me ugh so I ended up getting 1/10 in that essay! 1! 1 for effort and for the ink of my pen! I'm freaking out but can't complain much it's really my fault it should have been a great essay and so I just laughed it all off and tried to remember not to be a mindless drone next time...I think I'm getting dumber every second and I hate it especially when people asked me about spellings though I'm not a good speller/writer myself but I do know the basics but if it's over and over and over they still got it wrong it's like I'm also catching their disease like some sort of a virus lingering in the air.One time, somebody asked me how do you spell FRIENDS I spelled it out correctly for them but they tend to mixed up the I & E which makes me think again and have to write it out with my hand in the air as if I'm writing on invisible paper so I'll know for sure that I'm right. Another common mistake.. Apostrophes when it comes to your,you're,brothers',brother's and others such as his & her,their & there I literally have to translate that one in my native language first then I would read and pronounce it over and over ask myself does this make any sense at all before I could put it in a sentence just to make sure I got it right ha! Of course my ever famous refer & reffer OMG! those double letter words I'm quite ashamed during that situation but knowing me I just goofed off and said what??people get it wrong all the time..I'm really sorry I thought it was a double but really?I tend to make people confused as I said a virus coming on and off about hahaha! but I liked it when I make people think or challenge them to anything for that matter a friendly match no harm done it's a win-win situation we both learn anything out of such.As time passed by I barely got enough time to read and for everything so I tried to rekindle some of my old passion just now for self empowerment  hopefully my rusting vocabulary and spelling would improve so please forgive me if ever you've read some typos or words that doesn't make any sense at all hahaha! please do notify me,leave a comment or whatever I would humbly thank you for pointing that one out. ^_^

Now it's your time to share my lovely readers...Is there any point in your life that you've felt the same way I did?any situations you made an honest mistake?bad essay?poor writing skills?or rotting vocabulary? anything at all?

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