Monday, July 18, 2011


After watching Harry Potter Part 2 Yes! I just saw it to avoid the massive muggle crowd haha! of course a lot of people saw it already worldwide,might and most probably got lots of reviews about it and such but I won't talk about it now what I do want to blab about is about my first owl experience! (not the O.W.L Harry Potter version but as in the real bird itself hahaha!)you read that right..Today, I saw my very first REAL owl! such magnificent creature! I didn't get the chance to take a real photo of it since it's really dark out but this googled picture is exactly the same version of it hahaha! but a bit larger of course..I'm lucky enough to catch a mere couple of second glimpse of it as we're passing by down the block.Lots of bonding,Harry Potter and this whimsical creature made my day ^_^

How's your day?any owl experience?

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